Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Box of Music Ideas

There was a box of primary music ideas in the stake music closet. Sunday I was asked if I would like to look at them, and make copies of the things I could use. I was surprised to find the sister who put this together, when she was singing leader, organized just like I do. I have a file cabinet with manilla folders just like this, one for each song.
Inside each of the folders were instructions on how to teach the songs plus laminated visual aids that she had used. I think they are a bit small, but our primary is huge and I like all the kids to be able to see, so I do tend to make my visual aids large.

There was another folder full of ideas like the Nephi's quiver, that could be copied, colored and reproduced for use as helps during choose and review, and motivators. I was told that these ideas were outdated, but really any good idea is timeless and there were lots of good ideas in the box - including Nephi's quiver. I'm going up to Salt Lake next week and at Ikea they have these trash cans that look just like the picture of the quiver, I can pick up one of those, make a label, drill some holes so I can attach some cord and sling it over my back and pick up some blunt tip arrows at the craft store and i've got myself a "Nephi's Quiver". I guess if there's a moral to my story today it's: anything old can be new again, and - you never know what's in the stake music closet.

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  1. Too bad there's not room for pictures for each song and all her ideas to share! Sounds like a treasure trove of great ideas! A fun one I just heard was to play hot/cold and hide something while someone is out of the room. Then they try to find it as the rest of the primary sings loudly when they're close to it and quietly when they are far away. Gets them to practice the song without noticing!