Sunday, September 11, 2011

Choosing Sticks

Sometimes it's so hard to choose which child should be selected to help or to pick a song.  Last night I was at our local Lakeshore Learning (it was 10.95 for a package of 36 sticks) store and I picked up these wooden sticks in the shape of boys and girls.  I had each child in the primary color one in to represent themself.  They wrote their name on the stick part and we put them in a box (I'll make a garden out of foam for them for later).  During singing time all I had to do was choose a stick, they are so new, I didn't even know which ones belonged to my kids.  I made one up for me too.   I like to pick songs.  I will also make two up for visitors and probably one that looks like a missionary so we can invite them in and have them pick songs too.