Thursday, April 16, 2009

Singing on Easter Sunday

I usually visit my parents for Easter. This year was no exception. So Sunday morning we went to Sacrament Meeting and my kids who had been sick all week seemed to be doing okay but were super quiet and sat very well (a small miracle). The first counsellor stood up to announce that the primary would be singing first on the program, at which point my mom turned to me with a look of panic on her face. She's the pianist, she had forgotten to bring her songbook. I asked her where I could find one, she said there might be one in the primary room so I stood up and walked briskly out of the chapel, broke into a run as soon as I was out the door and headed for the primary room. I found one on the piano and ran back to the chapel, I arrived just as the children were getting to the front of the chapel, I handed over the book to one of the boys still headed up and he gave it to mom. She opened the book sat down and the kids started to sing. It was beautiful, it always is when the children sing.

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