Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting a Substitute for Singing Time

Whenever I go out of town, I like to ask a man to substitute for me in Primary. I want the boys especially to know that it's okay to sing, and that men do sing. I went up to Salt Lake for Easter this year and my husband had to work so as I have never asked him to substitute, this time I did. He didn't seem too excited about it, but he mostly indicated he was nervous. I made everything super easy. I put songs on the back of pictures of eggs that had sticky magnet tape on them, that way he could put them on the board and the kids could pick the songs. I printed out all the songs off the Church's music website, from the opening song through the closing song so that everything was right in front of him.
He said it was kind of fun, and he commented on how easy it was to do. I'm not sure he will ever do it again, but there is another unsuspecting brother in the ward who will be asked next time. I love to hear men sing, and I think it's a great chance for the primary kids to hear them. What do you do when you get a substitute?


  1. What a fantastic idea? I was gone for Easter and asked the previous primary music person to sub for me, as she knew all the kids and such. But, I love the idea of bringing in a Brother. Hmmm...gonna have to work to include that one. Thanks for the idea!

  2. When I was primary chorister I used to get sisters to substitute for me! LOL. They were the only ones who would do it!