Sunday, April 19, 2009

La Iglesia de Jesucristo

I am teaching I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ (#77) in English and Spanish for our primary program. I chose it as one of our optional songs. Once we have the Spanish down, we will be learning it in German as well. We have about half of our primary in Spanish immersion and so the Spanish was difficult for me but they picked it right up. I practiced all week, the music has some added notes to accomodate the longer/additional words. We spent about ten minutes on this and then moved on to reviewing some mother's day songs. I'm going to put each song in it's own post because they are easier for me to track, so forgive the several posts i'm making today.
Just for information purposes, you can purchase the Children's Songbook in many languages available from the distribution center. The Spanish Songbook as well as the English are available on the Church's music website at,17932,4586-1,00.html
(French and Portugese are also available). On the site you can print out words and music for the songs in any of these langugaes, listen to the music, or music with voice. This is really helpful when getting ready to teach a song, I can sit here at my computer listening to the music so that I learn the proper timing and practice singing so that I really know the song.

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