Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Bishop, New Rules

With our ward change came a new Bishop.  He is really great!  Last week I asked the Primary President if she would please inquire if the primary would be singing in Sacrament meeting this year.  That way I can get songs and teaching of songs scheduled.  Our last Bishop only let us sing for Mother's and Father's Day, so I was trying to be prepared for anything.  She came back with Easter, Mothers, Fathers, Pioneer day and Christmas!!!!  I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's March Madness went really well.  My husband was a little worried that the boys would get rowdy, but actually I was surprised at how reverent they can be when they REALLY want to do something.  It was a really nice singing time.  

We've now been singing I Know that My Savior Loves Me since January.  Today I finally felt comfortable with the sign language.  And, today my 4 year old daughter was singing it in the backyard.  Sometimes it takes a while, but this is why patience is a virtue. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Madness

I borrowed a small basketball standard from a friend.  We are going to celebrate some March Madness in singing time this week.  I'll put strips of masking tape on the floor, if they shoot from the closest line we will sing a program song, if they shoot from the second line then they can sing a fun song and from the last line they can sing a wiggle song or choose a song.  It's something new, so I hope it goes well.

Bean Bags

My sister in law asked me for bean bags to use at the stake leadership meeting.  She plans to give one to every Primary President.  As I was making them I realized that this would be really fun for singing time.  I could use eight and have each one represent a song.  Or, I could use one as a "hide the object" while we sing loud and soft to find it.  Actually, I could use them for lots of different things.  It was a good idea.

Latter Day Prophets

I got the pictures from the 12 and 13 year old Sunday School Manual.  I couldn't find another picture pack, but the manual had exactly what I wanted.  I put some of the cues on the pictures and backed them with cardstock.  The kids picked this one up super quick, especially the older ones because this was a program song several years ago. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Bag

This morning I was sitting in the chapel with my bag and my plinko board.  The new RS president strolls up and say's "look what I thought of!", so I looked and she had put all of her materials in a rolling carry on suitcase.  Hmmmm, I thought to myself.  How much does my bag weigh?  43 pounds it turns out!  Between stuff for my own kids, props for singing time, my songbook, my binder with the "other" music like Scripture Power it was super heavy.  No wonder I make my husband carry it, and I didn't even weigh the plinko board.  This is why my mother used a wagon.
I have pictures to put up about Latter Day Prophets which I taught last week and reviewed this week.  Hopefully once the kids go back to school tomorrow (hooray - after a long track break) I can get things up again.