Sunday, April 26, 2009

How do you sing the same song over and over without driving the adults crazy, and making the kids bored?

We're singing Mothers day songs right now. We have two songs that I really want them to have down, so we have to sing them over and over - for the repetition part of learning. Well, that's boring, and if i'm bored, I know the kids are bored. So I borrowed from Sister Webb's idea which is: do things while you sing so they don't notice. A few weeks ago she put activities to do in Easter eggs, and while they sang I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ they would also be doing the activity chosen from the egg. Easter is over, and I have this huge box sitting in my house so I printed out options and layered them three deep inside the page protectors so that as we did one I could pull it out and there would be a fresh choice underneath. Then the kids could gently roll the box down the aisle and we would do that activity while singing.
So here they are:
Hop on one foot, turn around slowly, sway side to side, close eyes, pat head/rub belly, flap arms, march in place, raise eyebrows, stand on tip toes, stacatto, legato, piano, forte, stand up/sit down, clap in rhythm, and wiggle thumbs.
They never complained about singing the same two songs over and over, and they asked if we could do this again with some new activities.
What do you do when you sing the same song over and over to keep the kids engaged?


  1. Here is my list. I have some of the same, but some different.

    Use Stop/Go Signs
    Use Boy/Girl Signs
    Child conducts song
    Allegro (fast)
    Andante (slow)
    A capella
    Sing with lights out
    March in place

    Stomp the beat
    Eyes closed
    Cover your ears
    Hold your nose
    Really happy
    Really sad
    Really cold
    Snap fingers
    From the side of your mouth
    No blinking

  2. I used Microsoft Clip Art to find about 50 different emoticons that represent different ways of singing. I put them in a bag and have the kids choose. Some of their favorites are robot, always surprised, lips zipped, etc. There are so many options, you will find creative ways to interpret the emoticons!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and I love all your ideas! I've been chorister for 2 weeks now and needed some good tips on what to do, you are my answer! I love this box idea! I'm totally doing this! Thanks so much for making this blog! You're awesome!

  4. I just copied that list and printed it out, I added Robot, Opera, Bass, Standing, and Lips zipped. I am going to cut the paper into strips and then fold them accordian style and call them my "wiggle worms" and put them all over the room for them to pick from. Thanks for the ideas!!

  5. Thank you so much, this is just what I needed!!!