Friday, March 20, 2015


  1. Musical Measles
  2. Snowballs (have children write a song to sing on paper, crumple and throw!)
  3. Giant Dice
  4. Plinko Game
  5. Spin the wheel
  6. Name that tune
  7. Songs hiding under chairs
  8. Songs in apron pockets
  9. Bishopbric choice day
  10. Conductor training
  11. Can you hear me?
  12. Memory game on the board
  13. Trivia game
  14. Stop and Go signs
  15. Acapella day!
  16. Sing in rounds
  17. Sing in styles
  18. Magic Wand On/Off
  19. Reverent songs
  20. Charades
  21. Father’s Day - Dads come to primary and pick songs
  22. Father’s Day - Photos of Dad’s hands, guess favorite song
  23. Mother’s Day - Moms come to primary and pick songs
  24. Mother’s Day - Photo of mom as baby, guess favorite song
  25. Action song day
  26. Prophet songs
  27. Guest conductors (one for each song)
  28. Remembering last years program songs
  29. Go fishing
  30. Lights On/Off (stop and go singing piano keeps playing)
  31. Stand up and sit down on key words
  32. Name that song using 1 of the visual aids
  33. Song meter
  34. Program songs
  35. Bean bag toss
  36. Hangman
  37. Tic-Tac-Toe
  38. Hot and Cold (cardboard note, sing when hot or cold as child searches)
  39. Songs search (word search on poster or chalk board)
  40. Pin the song on the Piano (have songs taped to back of piano, sing song that gets “pinned”.
  41. Musical chairs
  42. Stump the chorister
  43. Keyword Connection (keys with a word on them, guess the song)
  44. Basketball throw (mini basketball hoop)
  45. Nerf shoot at numbered target
  46. Christmas gifts - unwrap and sing
  47. Birthday gifts - unwrap and sing birthday songs
  48. Birthday cake - songs on candles
  49. Temple photo and name match game, sing temple songs
  50. Primary Colors (courage, service, truth)
  51. Boys choice day
  52. Girls choice day
  53. Fill out an acrostic poem using the word PRIMARY
  54. Janice Kapp Perry day
  55. Use the nursery box
  56. Wear pioneer dress
  57. Put song page numbers on the board, kids pick a number and you sing that song
  58. Make a fun songbook
  59. Songs hiding under chairs
  60. Pieces of armour (assemble)
  61. Assemble a missionary (tag, scriptures, haircut, suit, etc.)
  62. Assemble a puzzle picture
  63. Assemble a snowman
  64. Assemble a Christmas tree
  65. Assemble a flag
  66. Assemble a pilgrim
  67. Assemble Noah’s Ark or add animals to the ark
  68. Assemble a garden of flowers
  69. Assemble a chapel
  70. Songs in a song bag  OR:
  71. Songs in a hat
  72. Songs in balloons
  73. Songs behind the squares (punch through the paper)
  74. Songs on valentines
  75. Songs on hearts
  76. Songs on Shamrocks
  77. Songs on flowers
  78. Songs on Kites
  79. Songs on raindrops under umbrella
  80. Songs on birds, help them get to their nests
  81. Songs on flags
  82. Songs on ants at a picnic, or plastic food items for picnic
  83. Songs in a covered wagon or handcart
  84. Songs on apples/fruit in a tree
  85. Songs on snowflakes
  86. Songs on pumpkins
  87. Songs on pumpkin parts, make a face!
  88. Songs on pilgrims
  89. Songs on turkey feathers
  90. Songs under nativity figures
  91. Songs on a wreath
  92. Songs on a Christmas tree
  93. Songs in a rocket
  94. Songs on ice cream cone and scoops
  95. Songs on pioneer items
  96. Songs in a quiver of arrows
  97. Songs on props (popcorn, gift, etc.)
  98. Songs on the back of notes, placed on a staff (draw a staff on the board)
  99. Songs on bees around a beehive
  100. Take a Mr. Potato head.  Assign songs to eyes, ears, hat, feet, etc. and put him together!

100 ways started as a challenge to see if I could think of 100 ways to choose and review in 10 minutes. I got to about 70. The next thirty took about 24 hours. Make review weeks fun! Choose and Review!
Even 11 year old boys will participate when singing time is fun!

If you want to print this out, you can print it directly from my google doc.