Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Shepherd's Carol

This week I taught A Shepherd's Carol. I put all the words up on a poster and then we practiced singing it a few times. Once the kids were singing it well I held up boy and girl signs so they had to take turns. Then we sang it with teachers and children. I had kids come up and hold the signs so that they could choose who was singing. It was fun, and a great way to practice the song. After we had sung it that way a few times, we started practicing singing it in a round. It's difficult because the accompaniment doesn't give anything for the other parts, but everyone was really trying hard and it sounded wonderful. I haven't ever taught this song before, I was thrilled at how quickly they picked it up, and they wanted to sing it again and again.
We aren't singing in Sacrament Meeting for Christmas so we can just have a good time with the Christmas songs.

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