Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Gift of Song

The photo shows the gift bags on the bottom and some of the items that I used in Jr. primary. My husband wouldn't wear the tie, but it was perfect for my activity today.

In Junior Primary this morning I had gift bags with items in them. Each item corresponded to a song. I had a child pick a gift bag, figure out which song it went to, then we sang the song.

popcorn - Popcorn Popping
Shepherd - Shepherd's Carol
Family photo - The Family is of God
Necktie - Daddy's Homecoming
Hand - My Hands
Book of Mormon - Book of Mormon Stories
Bell - Christmas Bells
Telephone - Called to Serve

In Senior Primary we gave the gift of song. I admit that the original idea came from Sugardoodle, I changed it up quite a bit though. We all had a hymn book, we picked one Christmas song and sang it once as a practice. Then I sent a child out into the hall to find someone and bring them back in because we had a gift for them. Then we would sing the song we practiced for that person. It really was a gift! The people the kids found were surprised and bewildered (mostly Dad's with babies, and a bishopbric member) but it was fun to give a different kind of gift. Each time we picked a song, we would practice then sing it to someone. We didn't get through as many songs as we usually do, but today really was special.

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