Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jingle Bells and Snowballs

For Senior Primary, I wanted something fun. I had prepared to do the same thing in Sr and Jr, but I just needed to do something different. I pulled out the snowball idea that i've read about a bunch but never used. I got one sheet of paper for each child and had them write a song they wanted to sing today. I gave them 30 seconds, because otherwise they would spend all singing time choosing. I had them each crumple the paper like a snowball, and throw their first snowball of the year (towards the front of the room). Then I picked up one snowball at a time and we sang the songs. The results were interesting:
11 votes for Love is Spoken here
3 for I am a Child of God
4 for Jingle Bells
3 for Snowman
2 for How Firm a Foundation
2 for Silent Night
2 for Child's Prayer
and one each for 10 other songs.
Also, this must have been a group of boys in the back, there were 4 votes for "I love Chicken". Figures. I brought all the papers home, so my kids can make snowflakes this afternoon. The snowballs were actually really fun, and it was something different and unexpected. I was worried the kids would get too rowdy, but it was okay.

For Junior Primary we sang a lot of the songs that we can use bells for like Christmas Bells and Jingle Bells. They really enjoyed that. Then I had them help me by guest conducting with my light up oven mitt. This thing has been popular for as long as i've used it. They like the lights turned off and they will sing their hearts out to the waving lights.


  1. I forgot to mention that the nursery kids came into Jr. Primary today to have singing time with me, to practice for a few weeks before they officially move up. We sang Popcorn Popping and I tied with Brother Clark when we raced. A first!!!!

  2. Love it!! Great ideas I plan to use this Sunday! Thank you :)