Monday, December 28, 2009

My Brother Makes me look Boring

A New Year's Singing Time

Subtitle: My brother makes me look boring

Nat sings Stars Were Gleaming
"Hearken We Can Hear it Still"

Nat said he wanted to do something really spectacular. He did. Inside each balloon suspended from the ceiling was confetti, a song and small gifts like plastic whales, lizards and snakes. He attached pins to the end of the Nerf darts so the child would shoot the balloon, the confetti would come out they would search through the confetti on the floor for the song and the "gifts". The children were sitting away from the balloons so they wouldn't get hit.
Shaking the bells during Jingle Bells and Christmas Bells.

While this is something I will probably never do, it certainly was a huge hit. My son who is impatiently waiting for the computer is suddenly disappointed that I won't be doing this. I can see my Dad at the piano watching in amazement at my brother. I think I have forever lost the coolest singing leader in the family title. Way to go Nat!!!!
(As a side note, he brought his vacuum from home and had quite a time vacuuming before coming over for dinner).

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