Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Great thing about my Mom

The great thing about my mom is that she is always sending me ideas that they are doing in their primary. (Of course, there are lots of great things about her). This week we have all but two birds in the nest, and the Sr. Primary have just six marbles before the jar is full. We reviewed the program songs and had a great time, but this idea was lots more fun.

Sister Webb reviewing a song using a balloon. The children sing the song. She says the words and pauses and they say what comes next. If they are correct, she blows some air in the balloon. If they are wrong, she lets air out. When the balloon is full (or at the end of the song or verse) she chooses a child to decide whether to let the balloon go, or pop it. The kids chose popping it about half the time. She had the child hold the balloon and use a push pin to pop it. Very popular activity. They loved it.


  1. lol, that's the ideaI was going to post on my blog...and still probably will. It was the best and most effective activity to date!!!

  2. Do you ask the group the next few words of the song or an individual child?

  3. She was asking individual children, but you could ask a group or a class as well.