Sunday, September 13, 2009

3 Sundays and counting.......

We have 3 Sundays left. Two singing times, and the last Sunday is the program review. The Sr. Primary is coming along nicely. The Jr. Primary has a little more work to do.
The idea with the birds is to get all of them into the nest. They all started at the top and have been working their way down. We have two in the nest.
I'm not super huge on endorsing products but these have been wonderful! I have been using the double sided permanent tape to affix the marbles. They stay on and I don't have to make loops of tape during singing time. The removable tape is for the birds - this way I can move them around the board easily. It seems to be about the tackiness of a post-it note and so it's easy to peel and stick where I want them. They made this job easy! All I had to do was sing.
Now, I just have to think of my next trick, for next week.

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  1. Thank you for the product ideas. I had issues yesterday with looping tape and knew that I needed some help. That removable tape sounds perfect!