Sunday, May 3, 2009

Too Many Props

I think today got a little out of hand when it came to props. I had a bunch of ideas rumbling around in my head and somehow I used them all, and covered the top of the piano. We had the signs for the welcome song, the Scripture Power Book, fishing, Grandmother sign, When Jesus Christ was Baptized signs, I often go Walking visual aids, my big ears and the How Firm a Foundation Posters. This is why my mother used to pull a wagon to church. We had a great review for the mothers day songs - they should be ready, and after that we played fishing for songs. We sang the Baptism song from last years program to set the tone for sharing time which was about Baptism. Next week we're learning Baptism. My favorite!!!! And I even got Shannon to agree to play the music from the Sing With Me book. She is so brave - 4 sharps!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mati,
    Please do not bring a wagon to church. That would humilate me as your friend. Love your mom, not the idea.
    Your Worried Friend,