Monday, May 11, 2009


Teaching Baptism
I thought I would try something different in teaching this song.
I printed up a posterboard with the words to the song on it. Some of the words were colored, to match signs I made and taped to sticks. For the Junior Primary I would point to the sign with the picture of the word we were singing. In Senior Primary the kids with the sign would have to stand up when we sang their word and then sit down. Words like immersion only come up once, but 'the' came up several times and that seemed to be the word everyone wanted - especially the older boys. They really had to pay attention to stand up at the right time. Also because we kept switching up who had the signs the kids were more than willing to sing it over and over again.
Reverence in Primary
The presidency asked this week if we would be willing to help bring reverence into the primary by starting to sing as soon as the kids start walking in. I was a little worried that I would be singing by myself while everyone got settled, new things can be a little scary, but the kids caught on right away and started singing - it was the grown ups actually that kept on talking and it took them longer to catch on. I am happy to report that both Sr. and Jr. primaries were more settled and even the Sister conducting knew right when to start. It worked! We sang a few reverence songs and then got started. Of course i'm thrilled, now I can add a few more songs to the list every week!
On a Lighter Note
The children sang so beautifully in Sacrament meeting I had to give them a treat - we sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and Stump (slap your stump) like a pirate. And I conducted Give said the Little Stream while snapping, and the kids snapped too. It was a fun treat for working so hard and singing so well for all the mothers.

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