Monday, May 18, 2009

A Review Week and a Primary Singing Group

This week we reviewed Baptism. Our organist substitued in primary and I gave him the music from the Sing With Me book (challenging, but I was sure he could handle it). If anyone is interrested i'll scan the music and put it on my blog. He did exceptionally well considering it has four sharps and is generally considered the most difficult primary song to play. Personally, I just think the music flows better and makes more sense musically, I don't know if the kids really noticed any difference between the old and new music.
We also reviewed How Firm a Foundation and I Belong to the Church. I have the schedule now where each program song gets sung twice a month. I only have one left to teach now, and i'm really excited about being done. We're doing I'll Seek the Lord Early at the end of June. Next up, is the Fathers day song and I should have my visual aids finished sometime this week so I can post them. I let my pianist pick the song, we're doing Fathers, I love to involve her any way I can.
I pulled out the rose colored glasses this week, and the magical singing spray for motivation.
We also raced the pianist. We always race with Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, but we were singing Popcorn Popping and Brother C. was just playing so energetically I couldn't help it - we had to race. It was so fun, more fun than HSKT, because your hands are trying move quickly to do the signs, and the song is longer so it made it more challenging. He won. I think with a little practice we will be ready for a rematch when he comes back.
My mom sent me a link this week for a yahoo group that talks about singing time, here's the link if you are interrested in joining:
I started just getting the daily update because it can be a lot of emails in one day. Some of the ideas are really good, and it gives me lots to think about.

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  1. If you could scan and help us get a copy of the "Sing with Me" version of Baptism. I have such a hard time singing it in the key that is in the Children's song Book. Post it or email it to me would be wonderful.