Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Primary Theme Song

I think every primary has a theme song, and as soon as I explain you will know exactly which one is yours.
When I was in our previous ward (before the split) the kids requested "Once there was a Snowman" every Sunday.  Sometimes two or three times a Sunday.  It was their theme song.  I got really tired of singing that song every single week.  Anytime the kids could request songs, it was always that song!
When the ward split I tried not to sing that song very often.  Today I offered to sing it with the kids and they commented that we never sing anymore.  So I told them that was the theme song of the other ward.  Then I said I didn't know what our ward's theme song was and a bunch of kids at the same time said "Hie to Kolob".  That's true.  That's our song.  It's requested every week.  Sometimes multiple times, even though we have already sung it. 
I imagine every primary has a song like that.  What's yours?


  1. Wow...that's a very unique theme song. We've never attempted it. Ours would probably be Scripture Power. I was sure once our primary program was over, they'd want to retire it because we sang it ALL the time in preparation but I think they love the feelings they get from singing that song. It was great to help them recognize the spirit through that song.

  2. "When I Am Baptized" would definitely be our theme song with "A Child's Prayer" coming in a close second. So when it's a good, reverent do you discourage then from singing it over and over? or do you? That's my dilemma.

  3. My kids request "Love is Spoken Here" a lot. I haven't ever discouraged them from singing it unless we are over time. It's the kind of song that quiets them down and invites the spirit. I don't think you can discourage "A Child's Prayer" it's a wonderful song! It must make them feel great when they sing it. They will remember that when they are grown up.

  4. I think ours would be a toss up between "I Love to See the Temple" and "Scripture Power." I only lead JR. primary and I LOVE that they love those songs!

  5. Called to Serve! Sometimes when the RS is going long (they are right next to the primary room) we sing it as loud as we can to let them know it's time to wrap it up! When we got a new primary presidency, the old one each asked me separately to have the kids sing it to they could hear it during RS.