Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Primary Colors Game

On Sunday we had a really fun review day.  I know we should have spent more time working on He Sent His Son, but we have worked really hard since the beginning of January and it just seemed time to sing some fun songs.  I left the numbers on the board so that I could use them with other games, but on Sunday if a child spun a white background they picked the song, and if it was red, I picked the song.  
I bought the carnival spinner game from Oriental Trading (item #IN-25/5763) it's 19.99.  I had a friend do the vinyl work. It's about 22 inches high so it was plenty big enough to see even at the back of the primary.  It's nice to have a game that I can use in a lot of different ways for singing time, sharing time, and even family home evening, it's a little softer on the pocket book knowing I can use it in many different ways. 


  1. I really really want one of these! I can't tell the size, do you find it easy to use? How do you prop it up? Could it rest on the chalkboard tray? Do you keep it at home or at the church? I can see a lot of ways to use this.

  2. I keep this at home, my kids like to play with it too. It has two white boards that fit into the bottom to hold it up.

  3. Too cool. Great idea! I just ordered mine off of Oriental Trading company. I was also looking at their Disk Drop Table Games and was tempted to get both. Can't wait to use it for Sharing time.