Saturday, February 6, 2010

He Sent His Son

I had the 7 year old class color the pictures. It's always fun to see what you get back when you do that, and the kids are proud to see their handiwork displayed for the whole primary. I mounted the pictures on cardstock and laminated them. I'm going to put them up on the board so they are all displayed at once, but later on if they still need them I can hold them and just flip the pictures. I cut out the words for the back of the cards if I ever need them, and also to make it easier to sort them if they get mixed up. The pictures came from the Sunday Savers Singing Fun! CD.
My pianist had the idea to use instruments with the Sunbeams while we teach the song. They get to hold the instruments and help me with the music, hopefully this will help them feel needed and quiet some of the tears. I still have one that is really sad on Sundays.


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  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I've been in this calling for 1.5 years (2 programs). One thing I've learned is that especially with little kids, posters and pictures and words are really tough for the kids. If hand actions and motions can be learned with a song, it helps cement it into the long term memory rather than the short term. Just thought I'd share because I've seen great success with it.

  3. WHERE did you find the great pictures for He Sent His Son?? Those are wonderful. I would love to use them in our Primary. We are struggling a bit with this one.


  4. The pictures came from the Sunday Savers Singing Fun! CD. You can get it at Deseret Book or Seagull. It's $12.95 for the CD and you print out everything you want, it's also available as a book and you photocopy the pages you want to use. I loved that the kids colored them too, some of them are a bit silly, but they are all proud of their work.