Sunday, November 15, 2009


This morning we attended and participated in the program at my brothers ward. It was absolutely amazing! All these children from wards all over the valley, and some from farther away read parts and sang songs in the program. They did an amazing job! It is a real testament that the spirit really strengthens and shines through children. The Bishop stood up and thanked all the primaries who had prepared these children by teaching them songs and about our Eternal Families so that they would be prepared to come and provide a program for this mostly elderly ward. It was very touching to hear him thank the children for serving them. I know my testimony was strengthened from this experience, and I hope my children learned from this experience as well.

This week the kids in primary wrote their name and their favorite song on a piece of paper. We sang the song and then the kids had to guess who had written that as their favorite. A few clues had to be given but it was a lot of fun. When they discovered who the child was, that child could choose how to sing the next song - in a style, loud, soft, fast etc. It was really fun. I just can't say it enough - I love NOVEMBER!!!

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  1. I love November too! We can do all the fun stuff without worrying if we are ignoring the program stuff too much. Here's to having fun.