Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Program

This week we'll be visiting my brother's ward. He lives in a high rise and his whole ward is comprised of the families in the building. There are two children in the primary. Every year the grandparents in the ward round up their grandchildren and bring them to church for the primary program. Almost all the kids come from a variety of wards around the city, and in our case much farther. Tomorrow morning we go to the program practice and then Sunday my kids will have speaking parts and be singing in their program. This will be our first time participating and I have no idea how it will go. Logistically it sounds like a nightmare, but apparently everyone in the ward loves it because their grandchildren come to them. We'll see.
At home we are enjoying a wonderful November of fun songs with the kids picking songs and reviewing fun things. I have found that my daughter LOVES singing My Heavenly Father Loves Me. I am so glad I taught it, it is delightful to hear her sing that song. November just makes me so happy and thankful! I'm thankful that the program is over, i'm thankful to sing fun songs, and i'm thankful we can start Christmas songs soon. I'm just thankful.

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