Sunday, November 8, 2009

Keep singing those songs!!!

I got a call last night from a good friend of mine who is a Primary President, they had their review for their program yesterday. She said something that really surprised me . She wished that the kids could still sing Scripture Power. That was one of the songs not reviewed after the program a few years ago and so the kids can't sing it anymore. That was really sad to me, because my kids love that song.
I work really hard to review songs so that they aren't lost and forgotten. I do have two songs that were program songs that I wish the kids still knew - The Holy Ghost and Holding Hands Around the World. I really wish that they could still sing them. If the program had allowed for songs out of the songbook I would have re-taught Holding Hands. As it is, these are the two that haunt me, thankfully the Holy Ghost made another appearance this year!

The moral of the story is:


  1. My kids love to sing Scripture Power too. I still don't know it. I wasn't in primary back then and my pianist can't play much (and defiantly can't play Scripture Power-she could hardly play the songs for the program). I do feel bad that we didn't keep singing "if the savior stood beside me" I wish they were add those songs to the Primary songbook. I have such a hard time finding copies of them. I have to find them in old copies of the Friend online, and that isn't always easy.

  2. I'm doing the Primary Top Ten each week until the end of the year. The kids voted for their all-time favorite songs, and I put them in order of votes. Scripture Power was one of them and we'll be singing it next week as the #7 most favorite song. Can't wait!

  3. Isn't November great! I love singing all the songs the kids want to sing - because they really enjoy singing them!