Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's Almost Time!!!

Today I picked out a few fun songs, and a couple for the program that they are working on that needed a little review, like I'll Seek the Lord Early. I let the kids guest conduct so each song had a different conductor. They absolutely love to conduct the songs and it's fun for me to watch them lead the song.
I was looking at the schedule and realized it's almost time to pull out the chart and prep for the program. So the next few weeks will go quickly.

September 6 - Next Sunday is my birthday so we are going to sing birthday songs and learn a new birthday song "Have a Very Happy Birthday" pg 284. I know I probably shouldn't, but the kids know the songs really well and I don't want them to get too burned out singing those program songs too much.
September 13 - This is the week I pull out the motivational posters and we sing all of the songs to see how well they know them.
September 20 - review week
September 27 - review week
October 4 - General Conference
October 11 - This is the Sunday we don't go to class and spend the two hours rehearsing the program. We might do a few wiggle songs, but we'll only sing the program songs and they need to be perfect by then.
October 18 - PROGRAM

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