Friday, August 14, 2009

Families Can Be Together Forever

While reviewing this song Sister Webb made papers listing family members such as:
hoarse uncle
great grandma
humming sister
cowboy cousin
grandpa (sing low)
whistling brother

Sister Carson, who played the piano also played in the style of these family members. It was wonderful, and the kids didn't notice singing the song over and over. They all enjoyed the cowboy cousin best. (And yes i'm visiting family again - aaaaah it's finally our summer).


  1. You'll have to explain this one in person. I don't understand???

  2. Okay Mary, you sing the song over and over again in the style of the person on the paper. For example the great grandma was sung in a high pitched shaky voice. The cowboy was sung in a southern twang while playing a fake guitar. The Sister was hummed, the brother was whistled and if I remember there was a opera singing aunt as well. Sung opera style. It's lots of fun, but i'm happy to come over and give you a demo.