Monday, March 2, 2009

Reverence is Love

This week I went around to some families in the primary and had their kids pose for visual aids for this song.

My sister in law sent a page on how to teach this song with things I could enlarge and photocopy (little hearts), I adapted that idea and used some of their illustrations as ideas for the kids poses. At the end of the song I found a picture of Christ and put kids photos all around it. I get photos from Friends, Ensigns, and the picture packs, they make great visual aids. Once it was done, I ran everything through the laminator. My other sister in law, made this pizza board last year for teaching songs and I punched holes in the sheets and now it's like a flip chart for teaching the song.

The kids like to hold this and turn the pages when it's time. When I was done teaching the song I got out my little German clown puppet. He likes to pop out of his home when the kids sing. The JR. primary loves him, and the Sunbeams can't take their eyes off him. I always get better singers when the little clown comes out. My dad got this for me in Austria, my mom had one when I was a kid she would use in primary because the little kids just love them. Once I had it in my hands though I realized that I could have made something similar with a little crafty skill and a trip to Michaels. I've had someone ask for one so the tag says obviously the site is in German, click on Produkte, and go to Holzkugel, then scroll down until you see them. I have to say a big thanks to my Dad for going out of his way to find this for me.
Once the little clown came out they really sang this song enthusiastically. So now with this under my belt, knowing I need to just leave a little extra time I can forge on with the other songs.

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