Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Fathers Day! It's Fathers Day!

Today I asked Brother Gibson to come in to singing time to help out. Although his wife had him in a fabulous shirt and tie, I had him put on a dollar tie from the D.I. We went through I'll Seek the Lord Early and they sang it, but not really great. So he held up his hand and kind of showed how they sang it about so good, about an inch. They didn't know I was going to cut the tie, so they were surprised when I whipped out the scissors and snipped off the end of the tie. His daughter looked a little upset, so maybe next time I should give some kind of warning. Still the primary kids got the hang of what I was doing and they sang their hearts out. After each song he would show how much he thought it was worth based on how well they sang until we had that tie cut off just below the knot. Then we sent him off to Sunday School with plenty of giggles from the kids. He was kind enough to come back for Sr. Primary with another tie and we did it all over again.

Shannon suggested next year we tell the kids that it's fathers day, and he shouldn't have to wear an ugly tie, so we would sing well so that we can cut that tie off and put on a nice one. Sometimes doing the activity is the best way to learn. So we managed to sing I'll Seek the Lord Early a whole bunch more times today, plus some fathers day songs (by the way they sang like angels in Sacrament Meeting) and then I let them pick fun songs. I shouldn't have been surprised, but about 5 of them asked to sing Book of Mormon Stories while running laps. Not on Sunday. So we did I hope they call me on a mission, Golden Plates, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, A Child's Prayer, etc. What a fun Fathers Day, next week: Patriotic songs.

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