Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Singing the songs about Love

Sunday February 15
Opening Song: This is God’s House 30
Birthday: You’ve had a birthday 285
Welcome: We welcome you to Primary 256

Review: How Firm a Foundation #173
Activity Song: My Hands 273

Singing the songs about Love (because it's Valentines day)
Families can be together Forever 188
Love is spoken here 190
Love one another 136
I love to see the Temple 95

I had a couple of ideas about how to do this. I like the idea of making a big red valentine and cutting it out into the shape of puzzle pieces. The songs on the back, then the kids will make the heart shape as we sing the songs. We can use the heart as a valentine for the Bishop or Pianist or Primary President. I also thought about getting red and white balloons, and putting the songs inside and letting the kids pop them. It's still early in the week, so I am still thinking of ideas for a valentine.

Closing Song: I lived in Heaven 4


  1. I love the idea of singing the valentine to the Bishop!

  2. Hi I'm adding you to my blog I just started about primary singing time. Thanks for the ideas, I hope I can give you some too!