Tuesday, February 24, 2009

March Schedule

Our primary has just been re-organized, not the presidency, the kids. The junior primary now consists of Sunbeams to CTR6 and the senior primary is CTR 7 and up. I switched around the songs for this month and we are doing one of our optional songs - Revence is Love #31. It's a little easier to teach than My Eternal Family and it will give me a little experience teaching to a group of non-readers. We have a lot of Sunbeams, maybe a third or more of the junior primary so they don't really sing during singing time, i'm relying heavily now on the teachers. I have heard comments that the Sunbeams are singing the songs at home, which is great, i'm on the right track I just need to be patient. We are singing How Firm a Foundation as the closing song every week this month to review.
This week i'm teaching Revence is Love, more on that later, plus my preliminary ideas for the "Builder" song My Eternal Family. We're also getting ready for Easter, toward the end of the month, so that we have plenty of time for Easter songs. Our primary loves to sing songs in parts, so we're doing Hosanna. On the off chance we get asked to sing in Sacrament meeting, I like to be prepared.

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