Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year's Singing Time, Schedule and Singing Time Training

It's the first Sunday of the year!!!  It's so exciting!
A new program theme.
New songs.
New children in primary.  


New children in primary!

We all know what that means.  Tears.  Tears.  Tears.  

Then..........some more tears.

The brand new three year old's often panic over being in a new room, with new people and new things to do.  Everything is changed for those children and for them primary is a terrifying new place.  Thankfully singing time really is the answer.

I know how excited you are to teach the first new program song, but don't.  Wait, for just a week.  Today, we need to help our newest class to feel safe and comfortable.  It's time to sing the songs they know and love, so that they recognize that primary is a safe and fun place.  

Whatever they have been singing in nursery, that's what you need to sing today.  For example: sing Give Said the Little Stream, I am a Child of God, Popcorn Popping and all their favorites.  Today is a day for showing them that primary isn't so different from nursery.  Use fun props.  Be excited.  If you can even involve them to help choose or pick a song that would be great.  

These 3 year olds may look at your blankly.  They may look away.  The probably won't sing.  They might repeat some actions.  Be patient.  It may take months for them to sing out, but they will when they are ready.  

Keep singing!  Keep singing songs they love, it will help them feel more comfortable.  The older children often don't get to sing these songs as much as they would like.  They will really enjoy a singing time filled with fun songs like Wheels on the Bus followed by Book of Mormon Stories.  

Then next week it's time to start teaching the new song, but be mindful of these little children.  Transition them gently.  Take time to sing a song or two or three that they know.  They will love you for it, and they will feel a lot more comfortable in primary a lot faster!