Sunday, August 7, 2011


Training Tips

When singing with the children, there are a few important tips:
1. Look at the children.
2. Smile
3. Cue them at the beginning of the song, and sing with them.

Look at the children at the beginning of the song.  It's better to memorize the song, but if you haven't, memorize the first line quickly right before you sing.  That way at the moment it's time to sing you can see the children and the pianist and cue them to begin.  Making eye contact is very important.
Looking down at the book doesn't tell the children when to begin and they are less likely to pay attention, because you aren't paying attention to them.
When holding visual aids it's still important to look at the children.  Memorize the song you are teaching.  If you forget a word or line look back at the poster or picture to remind yourself and then look back at the children.  If you spend the whole time looking at the poster you are singing away from them.  I have seen  children not begin to sing until halfway through the first line, because they didn't know when to start, their chorister was looking away.  Conducting at them is not enough.
Use magnets, clips or tape and put your visual aids up on the wall behind you so your hands are free, or check out a big easel from the library.  You can even hold a poster in one hand, or cards in front of you. 

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  1. I'm so suprised this post had no comments! This is amazing!!! Please please please be called as the primary music leader again so we can get more wonderful info from you thru this blog :-)