Sunday, July 18, 2010

Singing Meters for the Primary Program

Since our program is on September 12th it is time once again to make a chart to show the kids how they are doing with the program songs.  I thought I would put up a list of different ideas for this - some that I have seen or used and others that I just couldn't help dreaming up.  I would love to know what you have thought of, I ALWAYS need good ideas!!!!
  1. Fruit Pizza - using a poster board as a background make a pizza in the center.  As the kids learn and master the songs add fruit to the pizza.  One fruit per song.  At the primary activity just before the program make and serve fruit pizza as a reward.
  2. Thermometer - mark the songs along the side of a thermometer on a posterboard.  As the kids master the songs fill in the thermometer until it reaches the top.  You could vary this by using a CTR shield and filling that up instead.
  3. Marble Jar (this is what I used last year so you can find the pictures on my blog) - Add marbles to the jar as they master each song, when the jar is full they are done!
  4. Dunk the basketball - use a posterboard as a backing.  Decorate a basketball court and make a ball that is seperate from the poster.  Cut two holes in the poster and attack the ball to a string and run it through the holes around the back of the board, this way the ball slides along the track and lands in the hoop.  Move the ball to show the progress of the songs.
  5. Gone Fishing - Each fish represents a song, the idea is to get all the fish into the net.
  6. Shoot for the stars - Make a rocketship that moves toward the stars as they master the songs.
  7. Let your light so shine - Show the flames on candles (each representing a song) glowing brighter as they master songs.
  8. In the barnyard - move the animals toward the barn as songs are mastered.
  9. Putting on the armor of God - add armor to a warrior, each piece representing a song.  
  10. Prophet says to plant a garden - Make up a posterboard to look like a garden.  Make enough flowers for each song.  Attach green ribbon to each flower and cut holes in the poster where the flower grows out of the ground, and where you would like it's finished height to be.  Wrap the ribbon through the holes so that it forms a loop.  You can pull the ribbon to make the flower grow!
  11. Popcorn Popping - place large popcorns on a tree with the songs written on them.  When all the songs are perfected have popcorn at the primary party.  (Variation - put leaves on a tree, or birds in a tree)
  12. Birds (songs) into the nest.  Variation - rockets to the planets, cars to garages, boats to the dock.
  13. Gathering ideas: Help squirrels gather nuts, or pioneer children gather berries(songs)
  14. Cat in the hat - Each stripe of the hat represents a song, hat grows and gets taller as they master songs.
  15. Complete the puzzle - each piece of the puzzle represents a song.  As they master songs the puzzle is put together.


  1. An idea that I have used before is to get a large box and fill it with big candy bars or small toys; one for each child. I have a box for the Junior Primary and one for the Senior Primary. I then wrap the package and tie curling ribbon around it, a different color for each song. If we have 11 songs in our program, then there are 11 different colored ribbons. If they master a song, someone gets picked to cut off the ribbon. They then wear the curling ribbon around their neck or on their head and feel so proud that they were the chosen one to get to cut the ribbon off. When we have reached the end of the ribbons (always works out that it is the day of the program....gee, I wonder how that happens?) we open the package during singing time and have a small celebration for a job well done that day. This year, since I was tired of the ribbon idea, I just wrapped the items in a large box with 11 different types of wrapping paper and if they master a song, a child gets to unwrap one of the layers. They love seeing what pattern the next paper will have and whether it is a "boy" paper or a "girl" paper. We are down to 3 more songs only for the Seniors and 7 for the Juniors. We've got some work to do with the young ones by October 10th. We have 14 sunbeams so it makes it more difficult. I LOVE my calling in the Primary music!

  2. We have such a small primary that we are combined for singing time. As the kids master each song, they will earn a part of an ice cream sundae, to be given in the kitchen during singing time the day of the primary program. We sing 12 songs, so each song is associated with a different part of the sundae like: a scoop of chocolate ice cream, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow, chocolate chips, cherry, banana, caramel sauce, etc.