Sunday, June 27, 2010

3 Sundays Away

 I am visiting family and travelling during our short "summer" from school.  I prepared 3 weeks of materials even though we will only be gone two weeks.  (Two weeks = three Sundays, that's Church math).  It's not easy to put three weeks together all at once, I have to say it was a bit exhausting.  But now that it's done, I'm glad, being prepared is important and I'm grateful for my substitute for taking on 3 weeks in primary.  Thank you!

Week One 
I prepared the bag with songs inside.  That's a pretty easy review activitiy, you pull the songs out of the bag and sing them.  Most of them are program songs or wiggle songs, and two papers say "your choice".

Week Two (which is this week)
Teaching To Be A Pioneer #218
Sorry these are rotated, what a pain.
I have a great substitute, she will do an amazing job, I am having her teach the two parts separately and then we will put them together when I get back.  We are singing for the 24th of July.

Week 3, The 4th of July
How often is it really the 4th of July on Sunday?  Not often enough, it's super fun to sing patriotic songs!  This year I made new songbooks, because I foolishly gave them to the kids to keep last year.  This year I'm hanging onto them.  I have songbooks and flags for the little kids.


  1. I should really think about making songbooks, so thanks for the illustration. I know our kids don't know the patriotic songs in the book. I hope you are having fun on your vacation!

  2. Oh my goodness.... I have just been called as primary music leader and i just came upon your blog... its amazing full of great ideas! I know nothng about conducting, i cant sing, but i'm ready to have fun and be creative! thanks for the awesome ideas!

  3. I really like your pictures for the pioneer song is there anyway you can tell me where you found them? or is there any way you could attach them to your blog? Thank you so much!

  4. I can attach them when I get home this weekend. Hopefully that's soon enough, Pioneer day is still a few weeks away. The graphics I found online. I literally spent hours searching the internet for "pioneer clip art".

  5. Great!!! Thank you so much!!! Will you attach them to your blog? or do you want my email?
    Thank you again Matilda!!!!

  6. Just wanted you to know about how teaching in a foreign language went. It was hard, especially for the younger children who can't read, something I learned later in teaching the song, is that using the tune as you teach the words really help, teach them at the same time. They already know the tune, when I taught the words with the tune, instead of teaching how to say each word first, they caught on so much faster. Thanks for you helps!

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  8. Matilda, thanks in advance for the pioneer post-it is so nice of you to save us the time to make our own!!--I love the handcarts.
    Thanks again!!

  9. will you be attaching your "To Be a Pioneer" clipart to your blog here or would you prefer to email it to me?

  10. I am going to have to email it to you, I can't get it to attach properly.

  11. ok, my email is