Sunday, April 11, 2010

Teaching Come Follow Me

This week I worked with the Primary President to put together a sharing time/singing time centered around the hymn "Come Follow Me".
She introduced the first verse by doing a little "Simon Says" game.  Teaching them about following Christ.  Then we learned the first verse.  I laminated the pictures with the words laminated separately.  This way I can take the words off as they get better at the song.

She introduced the second verse by talking about how following Christ is simple, it isn't difficult.  She had two identical pictures of Jesus and cut one into just a few pieces and the other into lots of pieces.  She invited children to come up and put them together.  It didn't take long for the kids to discover that the puzzle with fewer pieces got them the same result as the other puzzle but was simpler.
We sang the second verse several times and then went on to the last verse.  We are having two girls sing the 3rd, 4th and 5th verses in the program and having the primary hum in the background.  The entire group will come in on the last verse.  We talked about the rewards that come from living the gospel and following Jesus Christ.  We sang the third verse several times and then made crowns for each child that said "Come follow me".  We also had footprints to glue onto their crowns.
The younger children had help from their teachers but the older ones made some pretty creative crowns.  It was a really fun activity for the kids.  This song is meant for August but the timing just seemed right this close to Easter.


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  2. I wondered about those crowns with feet on them. Thanks for filling me in. The puzzle thing is a great idea!

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  4. I would love to know where you got the pictures you used for the song. Are they download-able?

  5. The pictures come from a CD I got at Deseret Book. It's called Sunday Savers Singing Fun. They do all the program songs each year. You can print in color or black and white.

  6. love this idea. Our ward does a singing-sharing time every fifth sunday so ideas for that are great. Thanks so much for all your hard work!!

  7. Okay, I have the Sunday Savers Singing Fun CD...and it only gives pictures for the first four verses. We are planning on singing the sixth verse...which you do show on your poster. I'm guessing that you pulled pictures from other songs for the final verse. I believe the eternity picture is from "Families Can Be Together Forever", but I can't place the other illustrations...please jog my memory. Thanks!

  8. That was well spotted! I'm impressed!
    The illustrations I used for the sixth verse all came from the "My Eternal Family" CD (last years cd).
    Thrones/dominions picture came from the Baptism song, it's illustration #8
    Glory Great picture came from the When He Comes Again song, illustration #2 herald angels
    Eternity illustration came from Families can be Together Forever, #4.
    The last one came from this years cd and matches the rest of the song.
    Good luck!!!!!