Monday, October 12, 2009

A Practice (of sorts) and a Photograph

After Sacrament meeting we stayed in the Chapel to practice going through the program. We only had about half an hour because the next ward began at 11am and so we didn't sing any of the songs while we practiced. After the "practice" we all went outside to take a group photo. The primary does this every year to put on the cover of the program. It's really nice, and the kids like seeing their photo on the program. I was glad I brought my camera because it was a great opportunity for me to take photos of the kids, individually and with siblings and friends. These are great in visual aids!!!!
The last photo is the primary room right after closing prayer.
By the time we got back to the primary room it was 11:05am and the presidency had told me I would have whatever time was left for singing. Ummm, that's kind of a lot of time, with 80 kids sitting on the floor. So we sang. We went through all the songs, and I even had each class perform one song while the rest of the primary was the audience. I have to admit, by the end my voice was croaking and I was exhausted. 55 minutes is a long singing time. At the end I finally gave up on the program songs and we sang about 5 activity songs, then Scripture Power and I handed it back over to the President for closing exercises. Whew. Still, I am extremely concerned that we haven't had a proper run through of the program, the kids haven't even practiced saying their parts, just standing at the microphone. So unless the kids all come to Saturday's practice, I think we are going to be in trouble. I just need to have faith.


  1. Bad rehersals mean a great performance. Thanks for posting. I wonder what you guys do with all those kids for so long. Now I know!

  2. and 55 minutes is a long time!