Sunday, July 12, 2009

Guess the Song

This week I wanted the kids to guess the song. I made up pictures for the Jr. primary that they could use to guess the song. I backed the pictures with cardstock so the kids couldn't see through to the next picture since they were in a stack. Some were easier than others but it was still really fun. They loved that the Book of Mormon was for Scripture Power and we sang it twice. It worked out perfectly with Sharing time because that was about scripture study, so we sang it again before dismissing for class.

For the Sr. primary I made clues for each song. Things like the scripture reference, who wrote the words/music for the song, and clues about the content or principles. They were a lot more challenging but I was pleased to find that they enjoyed the challenge.

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  1. Recently I played Name That Tune (based on the game show that I'm sure no one remembers). I start with one team hearing one note from a primary song. If they can't guess it then it moves to the next team and they get two notes. Usually the kids get it by the 4th note. The team that guesses gets a point (and then you sing the song).

    On some of the harder ones I gave a clue to the song, such as "Jumping Maize" for "Popcorn Popping."