Thursday, May 6, 2010


A fun way to review a song, with a plastic bowling set.  The child bowls, and depending on the number of pins knocked down that's the way they sing the song.

1. Stop/go
2. loud/soft
3. boys/girls
4. teachers only
5. change seats
6. turn around
7. hot/cold game
8. singing dice
9. characteristic dice
10. your choice

I saw this in California last week while we were visiting with family.  The kids loved it.  She used this to review the mothers day song they were learning and the kids hardly noticed they were repeating the same song, they wanted to try all the different ways to sing it.


  1. 來幫你衝一下人氣,捧個人場囉~~ ........................................

  2. What is the characteristic dice and singing dice? I love the idea. My son just got a bowling set today for his birthday. Perfect timing!!

  3. The characteristic dice had things that described ways to sing: opera style, sing low or high, different voices.

    The singing dice were things like allegro, piano, forte, etc.

    She had two sets of dice, I only have one die, and I use both types of things on the it. The kids really liked the switch chairs. It was like musical chairs they would switch chairs moving to the side and up and down rows until the song ended. It was a little chaotic, I think that's why the kids liked it so much.

  4. Hi!! I love your site and use it constantly!! Im thinking about doing the musical measles on Sunday, but I was wondering how you pick the songs you will sing during that activity...any help would be great! thank you!

  5. Picking the songs depends on what we are practicing and what I feel needs to be reviewed. For musical measles I include program songs, past program songs, gospel principle songs and action songs. We can often sing from 8-12 songs because we don't repeat any.

  6. A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth. ........................................

  7. Matilda- tomorrow I am suppose to be teaching "I Am a Child of God" in German to the JR primary. I need suggestions. I know you taught " I belong....." in Spanish. What tips do you have?